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InstallCard Descriptions

Sirius XM

Model: 120-1105

With this InstallCard a professional installer will install your SiriusXM Satellite Radio and connect it to your factory or aftermarket car stereo system. Installation includes mounting the SIRIUSXM Radio, hardwiring the FM modulator and installing the Satellite Radio Antenna to the vehicle.

  • Some Car Stereos may have auxiliary sound inputs which would provide the best possible sound. Auxiliary input cable may trigger extra material charges.
  • On some vehicles you may choose to have the roof antenna mounted through a third brake light or behind a convertible top. The standard installation for most satellite antenna mounts is either on the dashboard or on the front of the vehicle roof.
  • If your unit is equipped with a display and you would like a more factory look you may choose to have it mounted on a vehicle specific bracket. Extra material charges may apply.
  • If you attempt to install this product yourself then decide to have professional installation, neither InstallerNet or the third party network installer is liable for any damages done by you. The third party network installer has the right to refuse the work and/or charge extra if the vehicle is found to have damage.